The Festival

About the festival:

The PopPorn is a multidisciplinary event that brings the flagship a show movies using sex as a cinematic feature and / or language or who have sexuality as the main theme. Part of the program of art events, musical performances, performances, debates, workshops and parties. The event is to bring together ideas, work, projects, practices, activities and overall people around sexuality; transit between the borders of the sex industry, pop culture, and performance art; build, propose and investigate alternative discourses to traditionalists and prejudiced concepts of pornography; and finally offer the public a safe environment for the exploitation of his most intimate fantasies. Remember that the explicit and suggestive sexuality is a form of art as old as all others. However, the concept of ‘modern pornography “only came up with the expansion of graphic arts during the eighteenth century. Initially, it was used as a tool to criticize religious and political authorities, and is not intended solely for the stimulation / sexual incitement. Only with advancing industrialization and the invention of photography, pornography has become a concept. In the contemporary world, pornography is consumed by weight; sexuality and eroticism are part of everyday life. Every second, the Internet, 28,258 users access sex sites. Contrary to what one might imagine, the territory is not exclusively male: in Brazil, 28% of the public adult content sites are women, according to Ibope. What’s more, 66% of women worldwide, the majority married, watching porn movies while 17% assume they are addicted to online pornography. In an increasingly eroticized society, there is no avoiding the issue, but you can redeem his concept as an art form and genre film, shifting the cultural practice of marginal room for a prestigious platform.

The PopPorn Festival came up with the backing of a prestigious international event, the Berlin PornFilmFestival, and had its first edition held in Sao Paulo in 2011.